Présumé coupable 2011 movie

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The real story of Alain Mareko, who in November 2001, along with twelve other people, was wrongly arrested on charges of paedophilia. He spent 23 months in detention. His and his family's lives were shattered. It was not until December 2005 that all those accused were fully acquitted, and the scandal that followed shook the entire French justice system.


Director: Vincent Garenq
Released: September 7, 2011
Country: France, Belgium
Leingh: 1 hour 42 mins
BOX OFFICE: Worldwide $2,873,097
Writers: Hubert Delarue, Serge Frydman, Vincent Garenq
Stars: Philippe Torreton, Wladimir Yordanoff, Noémie Lvovsky
Genres: Bio, Crime, Drama


The true story of a man destroyed by justice.

Imagine waking up one night to the sound of knocking on your door. You open the door and you are brutally seized by the justice system and told that you and your wife are accused of child molestation. You will be sent to prison and your three children to an orphanage. It's hard to imagine that, isn't it? But that's exactly what really happened to Alain Mareko in 2001.

"The Presumption of Guilt, 2011. - A vivid and harrowing story about how you don't have to be a criminal at all to pay for someone else's denunciations and miscarriages of justice. Alain Mareko was an authority himself - he worked as a bailiff. He led an ordinary, average life, spent a lot of time at work, and his wife and three small children were waiting for him at home.

One day he and his wife were arrested, searched the whole house, then brought to the station and told - strangers told him to the police that he and his wife were raping children and were part of a powerful group engaged in the creation of a specific video.

"Presumption of guilt" shows how easily a man can become a criminal. How easily he can be destroyed just by pointing a finger. How easily empowered judges and other authority figures are willing to turn a blind eye to the facts, preferring to lock up someone who is already in their hands...

"The Presumption of Guilt is a scary film. And despite the fact that it is based on real events and clearly traces the true course of events, it cannot be taken as truth. The film tells such a gruesome story that it feels like surrealism. Proof that sometimes the scariest fantasies and dreams turn out to be nothing compared to what people do.